Mount batur camping is camp overnight atop of Mount  Batur to enjoy the panoramic sunset and sunrise. With the  elevations 1717 MASL  we will built a tent overlooking the mount abang lake batur and mount agung as the view. have a sit infront of camp fire, and start talking with glass of bintang would be so special experiences.  Here is  7 reasons why mount batur camping is a must to do while you in Bali.

1. Hiking with professional local guide

On the base camp you will welcome with one of our professional guide team. We employe local guides who are passionate, fun and know about the mount batur. our guide have been traine by provincial goverment.

2.Unique experience

Hiking up early morning to get sunrise up is a normal thing with most people do, mt batur camping will take you feel more on wild life. this trip will start to hiking up in the afternoon which is more special with private hiking when no others do. During the hike you will amazed the view of mount abang, agung and lake batur.the massive caldera with green heals surroundings,

3. An overnight to enjoy sunset and sunrise on the one trip

After all the way long walking finaly you get the top, then you get the great place to watch the sunset. Before that you will coooking the eggs on the volanic steam.the scienic view of sunset with montains far away made you dont want to move to get other place!

4. Tasting bali cuisine and say good bye with mach donald and kfc

Once you visiting bali one of pavorite things to do is tasting bali foods. In this trip we will cook for you the real tast of bali cuisine. After the sunset one of our team will cook you balinese foods, serve with bali coffee or tea.

Breakfast for mount batur camping

5. All the camp equiptments are included

You dont have to carry heavy bacpack just for have fun the journey. We provide you all the equpments. Just bring some cloth the rest you can leave at the hotel

6. Its included swiming in natural hot spring and visit coffee plantations

We do understand that after hiking up on volano would be sore and tiring, so we completed the trip with visiting natural hot spring. It is best way to soak your muscles and clean your self with natural hot water.  The hot spring is come from the volcano of batur which is active volcano. It is located in toya bungkah, just few steps from the mount batur trekking starting point.

The tour details:


Temperature : 15-250C

Time                  :  2 days 1 night

Level                  :  moderate

Things to know before you do mount batur camping

  • In some time mount batur would be cold, preparing for layers would be good
  • Women on pregnan is not allowed to do this trip because the hindu belive and safty reasons
  • Kids under 10 years old
  • People who are have bad psichal enjured is not recomend to this tour

if you want to do this trip just click bellow for more details:

Overnight ATOP of Mount Batur

mt batur trekking                    

Are you looking for professional hiking guide in Mount Batur? If yes! We offer you professional  local guides who are born and raised on Mount Batur Volcano. We have been doing as guide more than 6 years experience, all of our tour guides are sertificated by bali provincial goverment.

Our comitment to focus on our guest satisfactions with safty is priority. Most of our guide have good rating on tripadvisors. You can click here to know what the traveler said!

Ketut one of our experienced guide in Mt Batur


USD 27 2-3 pax
USD 22 4-5 pax
USD 20 6-10
USD 18 11-20 and more

What are included?

  • 21% govement tax and service
  • Entrances ticket for mount batur trekking guide
  • Professional hiking guide
  • Bottled water
  • Light breakfast (foods + hot drinks) at the top of mount batur
  • Torches/plaslight

What are exluded?

  • Transport for pick up and drop off
  • Tips
  • Drinking soda
  • Your personal expanses

What should you bring?

  • Long pants, jacket, camera, sunsrceen, some cash money, walking shoes


03:15 meet in mount batur trekking starting point with our professional hiking guide, then trip begin to hike up the volcano

05:40 after 2 hours hiking up, finaly you get the peak and your guide will prepare you breakfast serve with hot drinks

06:00 enjoy the extraordinary sunrise from 1717 meters above sea level, top of mount batur

06:45 walking on crater rim, and exploring the craters and hot steam where you trying the volcanic traditional spa

07:10 get in crater rim, selfi with friendly monkey

07:25 begin descent


For meeting point would be in toya bungkah, if there is any change would be inform the day before the hike with whatsApp or email.

Do not hesitate send us message if you have any more questions regarding Hire Mount Batur Guide!


Mount Batur is one of an active volcano located in kintamani distric, Bangli regency, Bali. During the hindu believe Mount Batur is second holy montain in province of Bali. It is with elevations 1717 meters above sea level. On top of  this volcano will see the jet white steam pupping up from the hole. It has 5 craters with total 26 times exploud

In 1926 this volcano had massive erupted which made more than 1000 people killed and destroyed the village called village Batur. the villagers who are still life move to higher place to get safier . Then on year 1963 other eruptions with the black lava fluw down. The last explosions of mount batur was 2000, eighteen years ago from the youngest crater. Most people all over the world visit mount batur to do the Mount batur sunrise trekking, it is an adventure early morning that is worth the time and phisichal effort. most the traveler said that the mount batur trekking is most of bali highliht trip like wanderlust chloe  experience on mount batur trekking. she had really amazing day on mount batur trekking trip.


Mount Batur Sunrise trekking

The journey begin with pick up from hotel arround 02:30 am for ubud area (it is depends on where you staying) then drive to mount batur trekking starting point. On the base camp you will meet the local guides who are lead you up. They will provide you torches or stick and short briefing bout the trek. To do the hike in mount batur it takes appox 2 hours to get the peak. During your walk you will passing trough the local villagers. Walking further you will see the tomatos, onions, chilis etc of their traditional farm. You might also find the traditional old temple called tampuriang temple. Step by steps continue the trip then onto the rain forest.

The fresh mountains air with the torches and the litghtening of moon and stars made the journey very special. After long way walk finaly get the top. The scenery of sky turns and changing colors from dark to yellow to inky and red . the majestice view of sunrise with lake batur, mount abang, mount agung and mount rinjanji in lombok is worthy of the hard of climb. The tea and coffee serve with banana and eggs cooked on volcanic steam are little things to help your energy back.

After the sunrise, continue the trip to walking along side on crater rim. Here you will see the mountains far away in java on the clear day. Fesel your pace on the volcanic steam. Walking trought to visit the main crater where you will meet hunreds of wild monkeys. You can feed them also can take photos selfie with the bali friendly monkey.

Mount Batur Dificulty

The level of mount batur trekking is level moderate but the place of where you start to hike is made the deferent about Mount Batur Dificulty and experiences it self.

  • Pura jati it is located in near by of pura jati temple here you will see hundreds of poeple climb of on the sae time. The way it self is rocky and little bit stipe. On few steps it is even hard for people who are fisrt trekking experience
  • Toya bungkah is about 20 minutes from pura jati starting point. On this place is much lest people to hiking up the volcano. Here the way it is aeasier and suitable for beginer and first time trekking even for 10 yerars old. On toya bungkah also you get the place whereyou can enjoy the mount batur natural hot spring.


Mount Batur Dificulty


Mount Batur Trekking Price

the price of mount batur trekking would be deferent base on:

  • sharing and private tour

if you are in ubud area you will notice they are so many agencys offering the mount batur sunrise trekking. you might get cheaper price with ubud sharing trekking. sharing means you will share the trip, car and guide with other people. sometimes you will get pick up even late because they are have to pick up from many hotels on deferent place.

  • Agencys

Most of the agencys who are have higher quality of service and experiences with their guides and staf would offer more expensive prices

Programme sharing tour  private tour
price US$ 30-35 US$ 50-60


Mount batur with natural hot spring

finishing your hike in Mount batur is not complete without visiting the Natural hot spring. it is real hot water come from the mount batur volcano. the heat of this water will help you to recharge your energy from the trek. also it is really good to sore your muscle. it is known as one of the healing spa in Bali. just add US$ 14 from the trekking price you will enjoy this tour.

Toya devasya natural hot spring

what should you bring:

  • walking shoes, wear proper sport or walking shoes is important. some part of mount batur is sleppery and rocky good shoes would be help much.
  • jacket and long pants on the way up you will feel good with t sirt and short pants but when you get the top by the time you enjoy the sunrise would be cold
  • camera. take a beautiful scenery and made memories of your trip in mount batur
  • some cash on the top there are some coffee shops sheling hot drinks, you might want to buy one! if you do the trip with private tour might be they also provide breakfast serve with hot drink
  • enought bottle water
  • some snacks or fruit

we invite you to joint us to discovering mount batur just check here for diteails trip of Mount Batur sunrise trekking